Friday, November 20, 2009

What's so tough about blogging?

I've always been slightly mystified by my own unwillingness to blog. Or maybe unwillingness is unfair, but it certainly gets a remarkably low priority, and little attention, when you think how garrulous I am. I realised something today - it's partly the lack of immediate audience. I feel like I'm talking to myself here, and I can do that quite effectively without needing to write it down. :o) But it's also partly the tedium of the medium. 

Sorry, but blog sites are dull, and writing into a box is dull. If I had some immediate feedback, as one does for example with Twitter, then the dullness of the medium wouldn't matter, because the contributors compensate. If there are to be no chums to chat to, if I'm just to wibble on alone here, I need to make the exercise of wibbling more interesting and exciting for myself. The only obvious way to do this, is to take over the hosting and formatting from blogger and do the whole darn thing myself so that it's lively, and creative, and wonderfully exciting and... that sounds like a lot of work. So perhaps if I hit myself over the head with that stick, I don't need to sit here designing a carrot? It's a bugger. I'll think about it.


Madelaine said...

It's not immediate feedback but where is the next post?

by Kimbo! said...

Aha! I have moved to Tumblr :o)