Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Book review: The Fig Tree, by Aubrey Menen

I am currently reading The Fig Tree by Aubrey Menen. An old orange Penguin, original price 3/6. I love old Penguins. Not read this before and like very much. Funny story about a man who accidentally invents aphrodisiac figs. Since it's all about, effectively, GM crops it's also strangely up-to-the-minute! Written in 1959 before the phrase "GM crops" existed.

It's set in Italy, and is reminiscent of (but better than IMO) the Don Camillo books. I always find the Camillo stuff a little twee, but this avoids that trap. It's whimsical and clever, and puts a smile on your face.

Happy reading!

The Fig Tree

And a short post-script connected to nothing in particular... I've only just discovered how to publish reader comments. Luckily there was only one, but I apologise to the patient reader who commented last year. Oops. :o)

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